Ten Things I Love About You

1. Food can be a source of comfort. A girl doesn’t need to cry when her monthly struggle comes to strike if she’s armed with a bag of Doritos OR a tub of ice cream.

2. Darling, food tastes great! If you’re into hopping countries and experiencing the culture, food is a huge step for feeling your way around different strokes and different folks.

3. Food can be really fun to prepare/bake/make and can easily be used as a tool for gifts. Bake your best-friend a batch of cookies for her birthday!

4. There’s a lot of variety between foods depending on the country, culture, and style.

5. Many restaurants accommodate to the customer’s preference if there are allergies involved. So, on that note, don’t worry too much about dying at a restaurant.

6. Want a hot bod? Super Foods exist. Eat eat health… but keep in mind…splurging is fun.

7. You can reduce the amount of money you waste by making DIY (Do It Yourself) face/body/hair beauty products out of fresh food/ingredients.

8. The right type of food can have a ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ effect during a diet. This can be either good or bad.

9. Grandma bakes cookies. Don’t you love your grandma?

10. Food can be used to bribe certain individuals.